It’s the second week of school holidays… And I’m sure I’m not alone in frustration of hearing kids say they are bored.  Well  perhaps I should rephrase that.  My kids don’t actually tell me they are bored until I take their screens away.  It feels like a constant battle.  I believe all of them would stay firmly glued to one screen or another for the entire summer if I let them.  I tell them to turn off the TV and I find them at the computer, I ask them to get off the computer and they squirrel away somewhere with their iPods.  When I finally win the battle and get the electronics turned off it seems I have two options 1) listen to them fight (which gets them an instant trip outdoors) or 2) hear about how bored they are and how there is nothing to do.  I know I know, this has been a parents lament since the beginning of time.  But I do believe since the introduction of personal electronic devices the boredom epidemic has gone to a new level.  We as a society feel the need to be entertained constantly.  There seems to be little reason anymore to entertain ourselves… surely there is something online that can do this??  Alas. Rant over.


In my efforts to reduce the boredom complaints, I created this lovely little sign that sits in my entrance.  A little reminder for my kids that there is more to life than looking at a screen!  You can print your own by clicking here.  It fights perfectly into an 8×10 picture frame.  Let the children’s eye-rolling begin!

Have your kids started using the “B” word?  

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