I don’t know what rock I’ve been hiding under, but up until about 3 months ago I had never heard of geocaching.  I’ve got to assume I’m not the only person who hasn’t heard of it yet… so let me tell you a bit and share some links with you so you can learn more.  Geocaching is essentially a treasure hunt.  Using the geocaching website or mobile app on your phone, the website will figure out where you are and what ‘treasures’ or caches are close to you.  You can then select the one you are looking for and go after it.  You phone/compass will direct you to where you need to be within a few meters and from there the hunt begins.  Here are a few awesome videos I found when I was first starting to look for geocaching info.

And this one was great too….

So in following up with my last post about boredom this has become a great summertime solution for us.  My boys are 12 and 14 and geocaching is right up their ally.  We wander and explore and have a great time in the process.  

Last week we had the opportunity to travel to Sault Ste. Marie with my husband Chris who was headed their for work.  We spent about 6 hours one day in the downtown area just hunting for geocaches.  We totally had to stop and take this awesome selfie with the Moose statue we wandered past.    Now I must admit… either we aren’t very good at it, or they were very well hidden, because we had a bit of hard time.  After several hours of searching in 4 or 5 different locations we were just about to give up, when we decided to hunt for one last ‘treasure’.  And JACKPOT!  We were so excited to finally have found one that it made our entire day of looking completely worth while.

All in all I believe we walked about 9.5 km hunting for geocaches that day.  Not a bad way to beat the summer boredom blues and get some exercise and fresh air in the process!
I encourage you to learn more about geocaching and then get outside and find your own treasures!!

Adventures in GeoCaching

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5 thoughts on “Adventures in GeoCaching

  1. Heard of it – but have never done it. Wished it was popular when my boys were younger – they too would have loved it! What an awesome way to spend a day together!

  2. I just downloaded the app after reading your blog. My boys are 11 and 8 and I can’t wait to add this new element to our outdoor exploring this year!

    1. Funny enough Sonja… I first heard about in during my Stay In Grey trip!! Apparently there are several on the island that is in the middle of Eugenia Lake! Ask the gentleman that gave us the history lesson about it. He was awesome!! 🙂

      1. Yup, we are hooked! Did our first two geocaching yesterday and my oldest son can’t wait to get out there and do them all! It adds an element to going out on the trails we have done before and to exploring new ones…not sure why we didn’t try it sooner!

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