So as most of you probably know, my husband Chris & I have been living in pretty much a constant state of renovations for about 21 years now.  We bought our first house in 1995 … 6 weeks after we paid off our student loans.  It was in serious need of a complete renovation and we were excited for the task.  It took us over 10 years to complete our project.  We gutted each room one at a time… living in the house the entire time.  We also tore off the small kitchen on the back of that house and put on a much larger 2 storey addition.  When we tore that kitchen off I was 8 months pregnant with our 4th child.  I’m pretty sure my mom thought I was crazy.  I was 25 … I just thought I was ambitious.  Hind sight tells me crazy might have been more accurate.   At any rate in 2006 we were ready to move on.  Our project was complete and Chris needed another house to renovate and we really wanted to move to the country.  We purchased our home on Blackbush line in December 2006 and had the key in our hand for almost 15 minutes before we started to rip out the carpet in the kitchen…. yes you read that right, there was carpet in the kitchen.  EEEEEWWWWWW.  The rest of the kitchen needed to be updated too, but it would have to wait.  There were lots and lots of things that need attention. Piece by piece we have renovated this home…. one room at a time — 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, dining room, parlour, put on a studio addition and now we are at the final room – the kitchen.  We’ve been talking and planning and doing our research for a long time.  It seemed like every winter we would say, maybe this year we will do the kitchen.  Two weeks ago it all became very real when my old cabinets were ripped out and the room was gutted.  It’s going to be several weeks until my new custom cabinets are ready, but there is much to do in the meantime.  DSC_3843
These are my before photos.  Some of the cupboard doors have been loose or missing for a while and recently a couple of the drawer fronts were starting to fall off.


Chris had already started removing the glass door fronts before I got a chance to snap an angle of this side of the kitchen.  Trust me they weren’t much prettier with the doors on.

DSC_3839 DSC_3841

Thankfully my handy husband has rigged me up a temporary kitchen in my dining room.  The first week was a bit interesting as I didn’t have a stove.  I did however learn that I can make a really tasty lasagna in a crockpot.  It may not be pretty but it actually functions pretty well.  Our parlour is storing all our extra furniture in the meantime, so things are a bit disorganized, but over all we are doing ok.   DSC_5127 DSC_5129 DSC_5128I’d like to think it’s organized chaos… but the truth is that there is far more chaos than organization going on here.  I’m doing my best just to let it go!  I’ll be sure to post more photos as things get updated an move along!

Adventures in Renovating

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