So it’s been an exciting last couple of months for me. In January I made the decision to join my families greenhouse business staff. My parents started Huron Ridge Acres the year before I was born. The greenhouse has always been a part of our family (at least as far as I was concerned). My brother joined my parents in 1988 when he graduated from college. He’s done an amazing job at taking on the growing responsibilities and management jobs as well. His wife Lorraine does an awesome job of helping him with the retail business and staffing and merchandising of the store. My mom has always been the business side of the operation. Accounting, sales and marketing were always her thing. Last fall she found a great bookkeeper to help with the office work, and now I am on board as well to help with the sales and marketing. Mom will still be very active in the business, the same as my dad is, but she is hoping to take more of a backseat roll and let us ‘kids’ do the hard work.   

sandra regier and carol steckle at huron ridge acres greenhouse
Me & my mom
 So after over 20 years of either being a stay at home mom, or self employed photographer I find myself packing a lunch and heading out the door most mornings. Thankfully my job is quite flexible (most of the year) and it allows me to keep my photography business going strong. I’m so thankful for that! I really do love taking portraits and weddings.  
I have developed an entirely new appreciation for working moms, and I think my family has developed a new appreciation for stay at home moms ;). We are all adjusting to sharing the workload at home but we are off to a decent start, and let’s face it folded socks are highly over rated. 
The one thing I am definitely finding challenging is keeping up with my workouts. Today I had the afternoon off and I took full advantage of the sunshine and went for a 5km run. It was slow but better than no run at all. I’m really hoping this summer to get my speed back up, I know I can do 5k in 30 minutes … This summer I hope to be able to do 10k in under an hour. For today I’m just happy I was able to get out and enjoy the sunshine!   


Back to pounding the pavement! 

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